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Joy-filled, Intuitive & Structured

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Music Learning that Lasts a Lifetime

"Music belongs to everyone" - Zoltán Kodály

At Vivace Music School, we believe that every child is musical and that if they experience joyful, age-appropriate music making as a regular part of their childhood, will grow up to have music in their lives. They will be happy and able to sing, make music on their own and with others, learn to play an instrument, successfully read notation and easily come to grips with that great obstacle to budding musicians - music theory.

Our Secret

Joy - music making together is first of all about joy. For the youngest, this means bonding with a trusted grown-up through knee-bounces and tickling rhymes, gentle lullabies and hilarious peek-a-boo games. Toddlers love moving to the music, exploring their own voices and instruments, gaining confidence expressing themselves. Older children enjoy beautiful songs, energetic games and fun activities with an ever-increasing sense of mastery of musical concepts.

Intuitiveness - rooted in Zoltán Kodály's approach to teaching music, we follow a multi-sensory curriculum that puts the experience of music at the heart of everything. Through combining singing with movement, children's innate musicality is developed; all learning is embedded in a rich tapestry of musical experience, making the distinction between theory and practice an artificial one.

Structure - all our activities are age-appropriate and sequential. We offer children a rich buffet of songs and activities that are suitable for their voices, that they can easily and successfully master. Children acquire a steady pulse, good sense of rhythm and an ear for tuning. Based on this, they gradually and playfully learn to read music from notation and the vital aural skill of notating known and unknown tunes. In addition to playing tuned and untuned percussion instruments, older children learn to apply these skills to the recorder, or to an instrument of their choice.

Music learning that sets your child up for success!

Interested in finding out more? Contact us through the website or register your details to request a free trial session!

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