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Music beats every other activity in its ability to engage the whole brain at once. Research has shown that music helps you learn – language, social skills, emotional intelligence, physical co-ordination, numeracy, you name it, music has it covered. And the biggest benefit to children is in the first seven years of life – well before most can learn to play an instrument.

This is where we come in! Rooted solidly in the Kodály approach, we follow a carefully crafted curriculum with a logical progression that has the end in mind from the beginning. You and your child will enjoy a multitude of fun activities, beautiful songs, exciting games and rhymes that playfully and subconsciously teach all the vital elements of music and language. This is learning through play at its best!


Our fun and friendly music sessions are provided for children from birthto upper primary school-aged children. In the baby and pre-school classes, the children's carers (parents, grandparents, child minders or nanny) are actively involved in the music making; school-age children usually attend classes by themselves and teachers keep parents and carers up-to-date on the weekly lesson's content. We also run classes for children with special educational needs; these are very much tailored to the indiviudal families' requirements. 

Classes for all age-groups are very hands-on and consist of a great mix of traditional songs, fun activities that teach ensemble and listening skills and hands-on instrumental work, starting with simple percussion in the youngest classes and progressing to more advanced work on xylophones and recorders.


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