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At Vivace, helping your child learn at the right pace is very important for us.

We offer classes from birth up to the age of 12 years and beyond

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Frequently asked questions

Which class should I choose for my child?

Our classes for school-aged children run in line with the academic year. This means that a child will stay in the class that they join for the duration of the academic year, i.e. September till July of the following calendar year. Choose a class based on your child’s age as of September of the current academic year.

Why the age overlap in the classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers?

Every child develops at their own pace and will enjoy and learn whatever they are ready for. Therefore, at the toddler stage you have the choice between two age groups – 1-3 and 2-4.

Which class to choose:

Is your toddler active, enjoys moving and likes to be kept busy and engaged, with quick transitions from one activity to the next? Go for the 1-3 class – lots of sensory music activities will keep them busy and on the move while they experience all the foundational music concepts in a playful way.

Is your toddler verbal, interested in stories and beginning to enjoy turn-taking and sharing? Our 2-4 classes are still sensory with lots of movement and action, but as concentration spans get longer and social skills progress, we increasingly tease out individual musical concepts, and children are very much part of this process.

Would choosing the 0-3 class for my toddler hold them back in their musical development?

Not at all! Children learn what they are ready for and learning happens on many levels at once. The active, faster-paced sensory 0-3 classes may be more suitable to your toddler than the more language-based 2-4 classes, which are more tailored to older toddlers and pre-schoolers with increasing concentration spans. Both age groups cover all the basic musical concepts including fast and slow, high and low, loud and soft as well as encouraging the development of a steady pulse. But most of all, these classes are about the enjoyment and experience of real music!

My child is new to the music school – which class should I choose?

Babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers simply choose the class that fits your child’s age description. For school-age children, please contact the office and we will find the class that best meets your child’s needs.

My child is home-educated. Which class should I choose?

For children aged 4-7, go for Music Adventurers, for children aged 7 and upwards, Music Detectives.